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Balance Mind Body and Budget

Our financial wellbeing, attitudes and behaviours around money impacts powerfully on our emotional and therefore physical selves. Feeling financially disempowered can invoke feelings of anxiety and stress. The behavioural disorders we display around money are inextricably linked to our emotional selves.

Establishing firm foundations in your outlook on life, your finances and your health helps you feel empowered and confident.

Learn clear steps to improve your physical health, emotional clarity and safeguard your real financial situation.
Topics include
Get Money Savvy! (Nicky Boustred)
Banking – how to set up a simple and effective banking system. This is the first step to managing your money and provides the structure and framework for your finances. Saving and investing – Learn the language of investing so you can have an educated discussion about your finances and avoid being ripped off!
How to build wealth – Understand the steps to building wealth and recognise the obstacles to getting there.
Relationships and money – Learn techniques to bring a healthy and constructive approach to finances within your relationship.

In your 30s you should be moving from a saving to an investing mindset and invest across various asset classes such as property and shares.

You’re in Control (Sam Avery)
Effective tools to managing your response to financial stress.
Brain function and how to use it to your advantage!
Confidence and self-esteem. Adapting to parenthood/career change
2 minute practices to re-set clarity
Optimising your health (Kerrin Booth)
What is optimal health? How should I be feeling if I have optimal health?
How can I achieve optimal health?
The balancing act of life – a balanced diet = a balanced mind
Making health choices

Session 2
Be Empowered! (Sam Avery)
Challenging belief systems to support your future goals
Your outer world and inner world – Abundance mastery
The power of community and self-care

Coping with Stress
How can my diet help me cope better with stress?
Balancing moods and energy
The place of supplements and herbal medicine

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