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Photography 1 - Camera & Composition Workshop

This course is an immersive photography experience that re-purposes the traditional learning of camera operations with an infusion of the creative arts processes. This 2-part workshop combines the merits of relevant technical skills with the creative and artistic insights required to create strong, effective photographic images. Knowing the concepts of aperture, shutter speed & ISO is important, but understanding the reason behind the use of these camera tools is critical. Quality cameras provide a higher image quality, however the quality of the photographer reasoning and insight provides a richer, deeper experience that underpins meaningful and memorable images. Good photographers understand that strong mages reflect design principles and elements. This course is a visual journey of imagery utilising compositional upskilling, through the experiences and imaginations of the masters of photography, to the inspirational imaging of award-winning photographers and their techniques. This course will benefit the competent photographer as well as the beginner.
Saturday 1
Technical camera operation Exposure Manual camera skills Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO Controlling motion and movement Controlling depth of focus Light measurement and metering
Saturday 2
Artistic & creative skills
The properties of light – light quantity, quality, colour, direction and time of day
Spatial arrangement of visual components
Traditional rules of composition Image strength and impact
Inspiration & Intuition Award-winning photography

About the Tutor

Richard is a photographer with Imaging Vision niche blending street and fine art photography, specialising in Adobe Lightroom and empowering creatives through exhibition production management with Urban Collective. He is a current member and event organiser of the Sydney Street Photographers Meetup group, and organiser of the Adobe Lightroom Meetup group. Richard is pursuing new career directions into the photographic, digital imaging and creative arts industries and has recently completed a Diploma of Photo Imaging at CATC Design School in The Rocks and Ultimo. He has exhibited photographic works in The Rocks, Sydney

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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