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Coding for Beginners

Knowing how to program, or code, opens up a whole world of new opportunities. This knowledge can allow you to create software for essentially anything you can imagine, from developing mobile applications to automating repetitive processes in your day to day work. The most difficult part of coding is taking the first steps to learn it. This course will make these first steps as simple as possible. It will cover not only the most widely used coding language in the world, but also the logical thinking and problem solving skills which are essential to coding. After taking this course you will know the basics of coding in JavaScript and will be able to apply this knowledge to learn essentially any programming language. You will also be able to use JavaScript to design and control very simple interactive websites. This means in conjunction with JavaScript you will learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3, web development languages which every website depends on. This course is designed for all ages and will be taught using only Google Chrome and WordPad (or any other text editor).

Course Outline


  • Significance of programming
  • Understanding how you interact with the internet
  • Learn what websites really look like
  • View the full potential of Google Chrome (databases, games, programs)
  • Use Google Chrome to learn programming

Programming with JavaScript

  • Understand what “Programming”/“Coding” means
  • Differentiate between numbers and words with code
  • Perform basic mathematics with code
  • Construct words/sentences with code
  • Check if two words/numbers are the same with code
  • Create alert/confirmation popups
  • Log messages to the Google Chrome console
  • Use in built JavaScript commands
  • Understand what variables are
  • Store information in variables
  • Use variables for mathematics and word/sentence creation
  • Understand what logical if statements are
  • Use different logical operators (equal to, not equal, and, or, etc.)
  • Use and understand Booleans (variables which are true or false)
  • Use and understand else conditions
  • Construct logic based on multiple conditions
  • Understand order of operations
  • Understand functions (known as macros in some languages)
  • Construct your own functions
  • Include if statements and variables within your functions
  • Understand and use loops

Web development with HTML5

  • Learn basic HTML5 coding
  • Construct simple websites
  • Learn basic CSS3 styling
  • Use HTML5 attributes
  • Create buttons, dropdowns, text fields etc.

Combining JavaScript and HTML5

  • Include JavaScript code in your website
  • Construct interactive buttons and inputs with JavaScript
  • Access information on your page with JavaScript
  • Manipulate websites using JavaScript

Please Bring

  • A USB stick (any size will be sufficient)
  • Notepad/Pen


Sound Windows PC and Internet Skills

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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