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How to Speak on Video for Business

Video is winning business on the Internet, but are you too scared to use it?

Did you know…
• Businesses with video on their websites have 41% more traffic from searches than those who don’t
• Video increases landing page conversion is increased by 80%
• 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video that read an article or blog
• YouTube has over 1 billion users and there are 50 million hours of video is watched every day.

The effect of video on business is massive, so come along to this workshop and Charmaine Burke, our communications trainer, will show you how to get started and make the most of this amazing opportunity.

Course Outline

• How to prepare short scripts about your service, product, or business.
• Techniques to improve your voice so you sound assured and confident
• Effective use of body language – the best posture, gestures, eye contact etc. for video
• Understand the effects of colour, clothing, music, text, backgrounds, lighting, position, timing etc.
• How to connect to your audience, convey the right message and look professionally on video

Session 1 includes:
• Video examples – What works, what doesn’t
• Defining the purpose and type of video you need for your business
• How to get clear on your objective so you get to the point and stay on track
• You will be given a variety of scripts you can use to promote yourself, your service or product
• Techniques to improve your voice for video
• Lots of fun trying out different body language expressions to see what works best for you – (see yourself on video)
• Understand the effects of colour, lighting, clothing, makeup, backdrops and sound
• Practice using a prompter
• Practice taking your video – with your own equipment

Session 2 includes:
• Rehearsal and coaching to improve your video
• Learn how to appear warm, confident, authentic and create a great impression
• How to generate interesting video and create different effects
• Options on hosting your video
• Creating an ongoing plan to develop video to promote yourself and/or your business

By the end of this 2-day workshop you may, or may not, be able to create a final video that you can use immediately. That depends on your time, preparation and your current abilities. Also, we will not be showing you how to use video equipment, so please come prepared knowing how to use your own equipment.

However, you will understand how to prepare yourself, your equipment and your environment; how to create great scripts to promote your business; what types of video will work best for you; and how you can present yourself professionally on video.

Please Bring

  • Your own video equipment – video camera, phone or tablet etc.
  • Lapel microphone – if desired
  • Laptop – to review your video
  • Memory stick
  • Suitable clothes – to represent yourself and your business appropriately on video
  • Makeup – if desired

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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