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Introduction to Web Development

Every day we use the internet to socialise, shop, work and learn. But what are we actually looking at? How is it made? This course will show you what websites look like “behind the scenes” and how to build them yourself from scratch. You will learn all the basics of web development by creating your own personal blog website. The course starts with HTML5, showing you how to structure websites and concludes with CSS3, where you will style and design your website. These two languages, HTML5 and CSS3, underlie every website in existence which means once learnt you’ll be capable of creating any kind of website without being limited to premade templates, such as in WordPress. This course is designed for all ages and requires only Google Chrome and WordPad (or any other text editor).

Course Outline

Introduction to HTML5

  • Use standard HTML5 elements
  • Understand the difference between elements
  • Make tables and lists with HTML5
  • Add images to your page
  • Create basic webpages
  • Construct forms with different text fields
  • Use alternative inputs (checkbox/radio/buttons)
  • Use HTML5 attributes
  • Create links to other websites/pages
  • Add videos to your page
  • Learn nesting
  • Use your skills to edit real websites

Introduction to CSS

  • Learn to style websites
  • Edit font size / font colour
  • Decorate text
  • Use custom fonts
  • Fill backgrounds with colour/images
  • Create borders
  • Use/understand padding and margins
  • Show/hide sections of websites
  • Understand how different elements display
  • Event based styling (e.g. hover)
  • Understand floating elements
  • Understand layers (z-index)
  • Use your skills to control styling on real websites

Please Bring

  • A USB stick (any size will be sufficient)
  • Notepad/Pen


Sound Windows PC and Internet Skills

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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