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Podcasting For Beginners

What is podcasting? Why podcast? Learn more about why podcasting is becoming more and more popular amongst the internet community. Whatever your passion, hobby or interest this workshop will introduce you to the wider world of podcasting and expand your knowledge.

Course Outline

There will be an introduction to Podcasting, what is it all about. What’s your story? What will be your style eg Frequency of shows? Will you conduct interviews include co-hosts, or opt for monolog. What’s your niche and who will be your audience. Decided on a style or styles for further exploration.
Identify what equipment is required
Understand the protocols for hosting. Will you choose free, paid, where not to host. What costs are involved.
Discuss choices in hosting and their pros and cons.
Understand the function and purpose of an RSS feed.
Recording introduction and practice
Understand Copyright restrictions.

About the Tutor

With a previous background in media, Jon Moore is currently the successful editor of World Organic News blog, which he publishes weekly. The podcast consists of a round up of organic news from around the world. Jon aims to create this podcast as a hub for new ideas, tried and tested techniques, advances in renewable energy, climate change effects and place for learning and sharing. These topics are explored and placed within a wider global context. The aim is unashamedly to advocate for organic smallholders and how their skills may be applied to every situation from apartment living to rangelands. Within this contex Jon has honed his podcasting skills and is ready to share his experiences with the wider world.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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