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Traditional signwriting is now regarded as art.

Whether it be considered art, craft or trade – experience first hand the growing renaissance of the time-honoured skill of traditional hand lettered signwriting with this short introductory course.

With a combination of demonstration as well as hands on practice. You’ll jump straight in and get hands on drawing some ‘casual’ lettering styles. Then getting the feel of the brush and paint consistency putting this basic letterform to paper.

You’ll further explore the elements of lettering with plain block lettering. In it’s earliest form known as ‘Egyptian’ block through to the changing wayfinding landscape of ‘Helvetica’, it’s contempories and corporate signwriting in the 70’s. Exploration through the Eighties and beyond. And the full circle back again to recapture a bygone time with a rekindled verve in all things handmade, handcrafted and handbrewed!

We’ll also look how to vary the stroke weights to create ‘thick and thin’ lettering which also forms the basis of most ‘serif’ letters through to ‘script’ which is founded in our handwriting.

The final week you’ll complete a small sign slat of your own design!

Whether a beginner to the artform. A designer on a quest of all things typography. A traditional artist looking to add or improve lettering as part of their repertoire or just a lover of arts and crafts who love to dabble. This short course will have something for you.

What you’ll need to purchase/bring.

Aligator No. 5 or 7 Short hair brush for starters.
This can be purchased from Viponds Australia (Melbourne).
Checkout their downloadable pdf.
You will need to call to place an order.

A HB pencil
A small jar
A length of dowel 10 to 12mm thick by 500mm (approx) in length

Please call me on 0407 289 312 if there is anything you would like to discuss further.

Please Note: NBCC is not liable to for any loss incurred if a class is cancelled please check with the college by calling 02) 9970 1000 or emailing before purchasing materials.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Contact us

Community College Annex: 1525 Pittwater Road
North Narrabeen NSW 2101
Post: NBCC Reply Paid 1966, Dee Why NSW 2099

Phone: 02 9970 1000

Registered Training Organisation Code 90113