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Unlock Your Creativity

In this playful course you will be going into your own unique creative process to produce artworks, using a variety of media.
As children we used to be so natural at ‘having a go to make an artwork’. Growing up we may have lost this natural skill. In this course Mirre will come alongside to enable you; to get back in touch with your natural ability to be creative, inventive, innovative and find joy in creating an artwork.

Find inspiration on the go. Develop tools to get back to that place of inspiration anytime.

You will be getting an understanding of how the visual elements of; line, composition, colour, shape and texture help you to create a stronger artwork. The theme and concept in your work will no longer be only coming from your rational-thinking but from your natural ability to be creative.
You will end up looking at the visual and material world around you in a new inspiring way.

This course is open for anyone who would like to find new freedom to be creative in a visual way… whether you are a visual artist or not, this course will inspire and improve your creative ability.

What to Bring

• Any art materials; you would have at home; graphite, charcoal, oil-pastels, soft pastels, different paints, wax, plaster, ink, watercolours etc
• Any hardware materials; wire, screws, wood, metal that you would have at home.
• Any found objects and waste materials you have at home our can collect before the course starts. Fabrics, plastics, aluminium-foil, lids, strings, wool, cans,
• Tools; brushes, pallet knifes, a pair of scissors, knife, saw, nails, pins, needle’s etc
• Different paper and our canvas/board if you like.

If you are unsure about the materials, don’t worry… you will have get a better idea after the first session.

Please Note: NBCC is not liable to for any loss incurred if a class is cancelled please check with the college by calling 02) 9970 1000 or emailing before purchasing materials.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Contact us

Community College Annex: 1525 Pittwater Road
North Narrabeen NSW 2101
Post: NBCC Reply Paid 1966, Dee Why NSW 2099

Phone: 02 9970 1000

Registered Training Organisation Code 90113