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War & Peace In the Middle East Through Film

Watch and discuss contemporary Israeli and Palestinian films and learn about the Middle East. The last decades have marked the growing worldwide interest in Israeli cinema. Films such as Footnote, Yossi and Jagger, Beaufort, and Waltz with Bashir have been commercially and critically successful and have won a number of prestigious international awards. The course will explore the history, culture and politics of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the Middle East by critically viewing contemporary Israeli films.

About the Tutor

Dr Shahar Burla holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University and a PhD from Bar-Ilan University. His book “Political Imagination in the Diaspora: The Construction of a Pro-Israeli Narrative” was published in 2013 and he is the co-editor of the forthcoming book “Australia and Israel: A diasporic, political and cultural relationship” (Sussex Academic Press, 2015).

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